Basic Instructions

General Information and Specifications

How to Order: Doors, drawer fronts and panels must be ordered by the finished overall size, stating the width then the height. Orders may be placed by phone, fax, email or mail. In all cases a conformation will be sent to you by email or fax within one business day of receiving your order. If you do not receive a conformation by the second business day, please contact us to verify that we have received your order. Please review the conformation and report any discrepancies to us immediately. Discrepancies and/or changes reported after the order has been placed into production may be subject to additional charges. Please understand, all orders are manufactured “custom” to your specifications, therefore you may not be able to cancel your order after it has been placed into production.

Don’t see your door style?: We can manufacture other custom doors not listed in this catalog. Please send a picture, detailed drawing or a sample door and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Materials & Construction: We make most of our doors from “real wood”, we do not make wood (that is done by a much higher power), we use it as it comes from the manufacturer selecting for color, grain and character as the order requires. Because of factors beyond our control dealing with certain types of stains and application as well as how each particular piece of wood accepts the finish, you may see various degrees of color difference in the finished product. This is natural and should not be considered defects. Also extreme color variations are inherent in certain species of wood due to mixtures of heart and sap woods, and of course woods selected as “knotty” or “rustic” will be selected for these character traits.

Doors, drawer fronts wainscot and end panels are normally constructed of clear, kiln dried hardwoods that have been dried to 6% moisture content and furnished to you 3/4” thick. When you receive these products you should take great care to guard them from high humidity, extreme temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods, as this can cause warping. You must also seal the wood on all sides evenly as soon as possible by staining and/or finishing. Products not protected and finished promptly will not be covered under warranty.

Doors, wainscot and end panels will have the grain running vertical in the panels and drawer fronts will have the grain running horizontal unless otherwise requested. If you have special needs, such as color, grain or thickness, please let us know and we will be glad to give you a special quote.

Sanding & Finishing: Our sanding is done first by wide belt sanding to the desired thickness by multiple passes with progressively finer sanding belts. Then each piece is finish sanded by orbital sanding that removes cross scratch left by the belt sanding process. (Panel raise profiles are orbital and hand sanded prior to the door being assembled.) Finally the edge profile is hand sanded and the product is examined to determined that it is ready for finish.

If you order products stained and/or finished by us the following procedure will apply. Certain wood species will have stain controller or stain conditioner applied to help prevent blotching and allow the stain to be received more evenly. If applicable, One or two coats of a quality, oil based ,whipping stain will be applied and allowed to penetrate before the excess is removed . The stain will then be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before the finish is applied. The final finishes are; one coat of a water-based, lacquer sanding sealer, hand sanded and then two coats of water-based, UVA , lacquer finish.

When you receive your order: Your order will be shipped to you wrapped and packaged to ensure that you receive it in good order. While the delivery driver is still there you must inspect the packaging for visible damage. If there is any sign of damage please mark the bill of lading “Damaged” or, if you can, open the packaging and inspect the contents for damage before signing for the shipment. It is very difficult to claim damages after you have signed “Received in good order”. If there is damage found, request a claim inspection be performed, by informing the driver. If after removing the packing you discover damage, keep the packing and the bill of lading and contact Quality Cabinet Doors, inc. within 24 hours. The Packaging and bill of lading will need to be kept until the claim is approved.


Quality Cabinet Doors, Inc. warrants our products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you, the original purchaser, own them. (If you are purchasing our product for the express purpose of incorporating it into your product, this warranty will transfer to the original purchaser of your product, or in the case that you are a sub contractor providing the product to a general contractor who is providing the product to a home owner, this warranty will transfer to the original home owner.) Our intention is to ensure our products will provided years of satisfaction.

We use “natural” woods thru-out most of are products and because it is “natural” it has characteristics that some might view as “defects” and others view as “natural beauty”. If these “natural” characteristics are objectionable to you we suggest you try something else. We will however select for as few, or as many, of these character traits as are requested and are possible.

Cabinet doors will be warranted against warping, of more than 1/4” for doors up to 40” tall and 24” wide, as long as the doors are properly sealed to moisture and protected from extreme temperatures and exposure to direct sunlight. Doors over 40” tall must be constructed of two or more panels to be warranted. Doors over 24” wide will not be warranted.

Quality Cabinet Doors, Inc. does not warrant against defect or damage caused by improper handling, storage, installation, use or neglect. This warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective part or parts (as provided) as well as the shipping charges to and from our facility only . Any cost incurred by customer for finishing, removal, installation, travel, or any other incidental cost are not covered by this warranty.